Rev Up the Arts Mural Festival

Introducing the Arts Council’s Rev up the Arts Aggieland Mural Festival! Presented by the City of College Station coming October 16th, 2023. During this live and interactive mural festival, murals will be constructed in various locations across College Station, decorating establishments and communal spaces for all to enjoy. Murals won’t just brighten and beautify the city; these fantastic pieces of public art will also inspire community involvement and connection, increase tourism, and provide a platform for artists to share their creativity and artistic masterpieces.


Dates: Oct 16 – Oct 21, 2023


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We are excited to announce our newest public art initiative, in partnership with the City of College Station. Rev up the Arts Aggieland Mural Festival will take place in October. The Arts Council aims to incorporate the talents of local and international artists to create an urban gallery that will breathe life into our streets, stimulate economic growth, and foster a profound sense of pride and connection among residents and visitors alike.

Meet the people behind the camera

Photography and videography for the mural festival by Darkmode Photo.

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Creative Team

Thank you to Mural Supply Co. for overseeing our festival and providing support in many areas!

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Mural Locations

Thank You to Our Generous Sponsors for Supporting the Arts in Our Community!