Meet the Artist : Candy Kuo


Based in Austin, TX, USA
Born in Tiape, Taiwan
With a strong commitment to her craft and expertise in large-scale installations & murals



“As a visual storyteller, I am captivated by the power of art to delve into the depths of human expression. Simultaneously, I find solace in painting as a means of exploring the intricacies of cultural identity. My works often gravitate towards figurative realism of local flora and fauna, and I’m particularly drawn to portraying the profound relationship between nature and women. As a first-generation immigrant, my art serves as an expression of my dual cultural identities. Born in Taiwan and raised in South Texas, I carry within me a profound connection to both cultures. My murals are often more than just stagnant images. My skills give me the ability to tell a story without words, evoke feelings without sound, and express movement without motion. My goals are twofold: to continually grow in my craft and to provide for my family while pursuing my passion. I aspire to be a role model for my child, demonstrating that as her mother, I am also an individual relentlessly pursuing her goals.” – Candy Kuo

Inspiration for mural

“ After the initial discussion detailing what the client was looking for on their wall, I looked through the reference photos and started to compile my own based off of the specifications. I wanted to build around the main subject the local hummingbird, and including the maroon bluebonnets was just a given, as they are truly unique. I wanted the softly transitioning colors to brighten the original gray of the cold metal , and to evoke a sense of laying on a blanket in a park, half asleep. The Butterfly floats by and for a second you see it glisten and glitch, you rub your eyes, it flies on. The butterfly, another local species, is special because of its ability to travel long distances every year. The colors ebb and pull and the cropped and imperfect pieces represent the dualities of nature, and the beauty of the ever-changing of facades of its creatures, humans included. We are all connected through the land we share and air we breathe.” – Candy Kuo


  • Self Taught
  • Bachelor’s in Fashion Marketing
  • Associate’s in Graphic Design

Selected Art Projects

  • The Moody Center, Austin, TX
  • Huston-Tillotson University, Austin, TX
  • Beaumont Mural Festival, Beaumont, TX
  • MuralFest66,Miami,OK
  • Cryptic Mural Festival, Poughkeepsie, NY
  • Mural Mania Mural Festival, South Bend, IN
  • Bolm Road Project, Austin, TX
  • PlazaWalls, Oklahoma City, OK
  • YWCA Diadelos Muertos, Austin, TX
  • Paint Memphis, Memphis, TN
  • Looking Up Mural Festival, Austin, TX
  • Contents Under Pressure, San Antonio, TX
  • Austin City Limits, Austin, TX

Past Clients and Collaborations

  • Austin City Limits
  • KVUE – ABC
  • SXSW
  • Mural Arts Philadelphia
  • Moody Center at The University of Texas
  • Bumble
  • PBS
  • Eliminating Racism Empowering Women –YWCA
  • Hope Outdoor Gallery
  • CMT
  • Prime
  • Art From The Streets
  • The Austin Chronicle
  • City of Austin
  • The City of South Bend, Indiana
  • GRAV
  • Cheba Hut
  • Jinro