About the Artist: Key Detail

Based in New York City, NY, USA
From Minsk, Belarus
Has created over 50 murals all across Europe, Asia, and the U.S.


“Ever since I can remember, I was intrigued by art and architecture. My curiosity led me to explore these two fields and I gained knowledge and experience in both of them. Seeking more creativity and artistic freedom, I discovered the world of mural art and started focusing on the idea of ‘public space’. With every new project I am always fascinated by the scale of the “canvas” I have. The walls allow me to think big. I respect that every project needs to be considered in regard to the surroundings, the public outlook and historical background. Experimenting with paint techniques and exploring the diversity of themes I established my own mythology; a magical world where the spectators can escape. I avoid a focus on a single character, preferring to do a wide variety of diverse concepts. My inspiration comes from traveling across the world and learning about different cultures and legends. I am charmed by the spaces of large urban and small-scale cities.” -Key Detail

Inspiration for mural

“The elegant lady embodies the roles of both Keeper and Muse of Art. She holds a lyre, symbolizing the art of music, and a brush adorns her hair, representing visual art. In her hand, she carries a magical light stone that symbolizes Art, emitting a gentle glow. Just as butterflies are drawn to the light, this luminous stone attracts people to enjoy and appreciate Art. Similar to a lighthouse that emits to guide ships safely through the darkness, this light captures the interest and gazes of people. I have depicted vibrant plants like cactuses and used a warm green color palette as a tribute to the beauty of the local natural surroundings.” – Key Detail


  • Belarusian National Technical University,
    Belarus, Minsk2001 – 2006 Bachelor of
  • Minsk State Architectural Constructional College,
    Belarus, Minsk1997 – 2001Design / Qualification
    of Interior Decorator


  • June, 2023 National Mural Awards:
    National Silver Award and Regional
    Gold Award
  • Certificate of appreciation /July, 2018
    Pete Rust, Mayor of Green River City,
    WY, US
  • Certificate of appreciation/September
    2019 William A. Dory, Jr., Mayor of
    GreenCastle, IN, US
  • Key to the city / January, 2018 Joseph
    M. Petty, Mayor of Worcester, MA, US