The People’s Joker

Vera Drew redefines the Batman narrative with “The People’s Joker,” a film that premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and boldly interprets the iconic Joker character through a trans coming-of-age story. As both director and star, Drew utilized crowdsourced contributions from over 100 artists, predominantly from trans and queer communities, to create a film that blends traditional storytelling with innovative animation and CGI. Despite facing potential legal challenges from Warner Bros. over copyright issues, Drew’s project navigated these hurdles without direct confrontation, emphasizing its status as a parody intended for fair use. The film, which also received positive critical reception for its inventive and subversive approach, reflects Drew’s critique of the comic book monoculture and her personal journey within the often-regressive world of comedy. “The People’s Joker” not only showcases Drew’s artistic audacity but also marks an important cultural commentary on identity and representation in contemporary media.


Date & Time: June 20th | 7 PM – 9:30 PM

Location: Bryan PREMIERE LUX Cine 15 IMAX & Pizza Pub

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