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WWII Tank Experience

DISCOVER! Our experts will guide you as you explore all of the crew positions in US WWII light and medium tanks and tank destroyers.

RIDE! You will experience what it was like to operate these tanks in WWII! Before the day is over, you will have ridden in both a light and a medium tank as well as a tankdestroyer!

SHOOT! You will be up close and personal as the tank’s main gun fires, and you will experience the thrill of firing a machine gun.

ENJOY! The WWII Tank Experience includes lunch and refreshments. Pictures and videos from your Experience will be posted online for you to download, and each participant will receive a WWII Tank Experience T-Shirt.

M24 Chaffee Light Tank
M4A3 Sherman Medium Tank
M18 Tank Destroyer

You will spend 1 hour exploring and riding in each type for a total of 3 hours in WWII tanks!
You will be in one tank as the main gun fires!


Dates: October 21, 2023 from 9am to 2pm
Location: Museum of the American G.I.

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