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We are doing the time warp AGAIN. The last time we visited our friends from Transylvania, it was at our homemade drive-in theatre in our very own parking lot.This will be our sixth production of THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW, and this time our previous Dr. Frankenfurter, Tyler Lewis, will be stepping into a different role as the director.ROCKY VI features Keith Owen (SPONGEBOB’s Squidward) as Brad, with Hannah Hildebrandt returning as Janet. Dustin Kemp, Keri Kempf, and Emily Theis are the perfect trio Riff Raff, Magenta, and Columbia, and the incredible Brandon Kempf will finally be making his debut as Dr. Frankenfurter.Get your tickets now for what is sure to be a strange journey and a wild party, with only four performances, including a midnight show! Performances are Thursday, Friday, Saturday at 7pm, and Saturday at MIDNIGHT!


Location: Theatre Company of Bryan College Station

Date: Oct 26th- Oct 28th 7pm , Oct 28th Midnight

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