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SALYER + SCHAAG: “Andy and Kate’s Garden Party”

Artist Residency March 18 – 28, 2024
Performance: March 28, 2024, The Leach Teaching Gardens


SALYER + SCHAAG’s site-specific performance art uses theatricality as material; haunted by the theatre, they explore the edges of representation vs. constitutive performative ritual in social situations at the boundaries of life and art. Using humor, ambiguity, and illusion, “Andy and Kate’s Garden Party” will invite participants to immerse themselves in altered environments and expand their perceptions of the situational ecological context(s) they find themselves within.


In March 2024, SALYER + SCHAAG will offer a two-week intensive workshop culminating in a public performance. Engaging collage as a method on micro and macro scales, students will devise original text, image, scene, persona, and embodied performance. Using chance-based prompts and improvisational techniques with a special focus on ecology and the more-than-human world, they will create the conditions for students to enact spontaneous assemblages (e.g., moving like plants or snails). The week will begin with broad prompts and then move toward more narrowly focused exercises to generate material for specific scenes within the planned public performance.


In the final week of the residency, participants will present a surreal garden party exploring ecological entanglements and more-than-human kinships. As Andy and Kate, SALYER + SCHAAG will act as hosts and MCs for the evening, welcoming the guests to the garden party and (dis)orienting them to an evening of strange and delightful events.


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