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The Curse of an Aching Heart

The Curse of an Aching Heart​ Written by Herbert E. Swayne Directed by Jennifer Hargis Underwritten by Alan Bryant Thursdays through Saturdays August 10-26 at 7:30pm Sunday Matinee August 20 at 2pm Caution: Melodrama!​Prepare yourself for booing, cheering and throwing popcorn! The sweet heroine is Melody Lane, a self-educated and lovely orphan who falls into the hands of scoundrel Windermere Hightower. After Melody and the villain are married, he tells her that he expects her to carry out his criminal schemes. Revolted, she flees a wife in name only. Several months later she is at the None Such ranch where she falls in love with stalwart Lucius Goodenough. When Windermere appears at the ranch, Melody is appalled. And once again the virtuous heroine is rescued by guess who?