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School of the Soldier Civil War & History in Motion

Only a small fraction of a Civil War soldier’s time was spent in combat. Most of the soldier’s existence revolved around the routines of camp life. From tent layout to daily activities, everything in camp was regulated. Drilling was part of the daily routine for the Civil War soldier. Soldiers became accustomed to orders, battle formations, rifle positions, and loading procedures through repetition and practice. All were essential to surviving on the battlefield. If the soldiers were not drilling, they would attend camp chores. During their little free time, the soldiers would play games, sing songs or write letters home. We invite you to interact with and observe the Civil War Soldier as he goes about his daily routine.


Camps will be opened:
10 AM – 5 PM Saturday, Nov 4
10 AM – 3 PM Sunday, Nov 5


Location: 19124 Hwy 6, College Station, TX 77845


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