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The Arts Council of the Brazos Valley aims to make art accessible to everyone! To do so, we promote and advocate for artistic organizations and individuals. We have multiple membership levels that offer a variety of benefits and opportunities for you! Each is specifically tailored for either for-profit, non-profit, hospitality (hotels, restaurants, and venues), and individuals. To learn more about each option, continue reading below.

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Membership Plan

Individual Membership

The Arts Council asks you: What is your connection? Whether you create art, learn by visiting one of our many area museums or enjoy the array of performing arts venues in the Brazos Valley, we encourage you to find your connection to the arts, heritage and culture in our community! The opportunities are endless.


Individuals; Supporters, Residents, and Visitors.


An affiliate is a partner not-for-profit arts, culture, heritage or arts-educational organization that entered into an agreement with The Arts Council to promote the arts, culture and heritage of the Brazos Valley. The purpose is to build community, promote quality of life, improve educational opportunities, build a stronger economy and encourage tourism.


Non-Profit; Arts, Culture, & Heritage Organizations.


An associate is a partner for-profit arts, culture, heritage, arts-educational or hospitality organization or practitioner that entered into an agreement with The Arts Council for the primary function of promoting the arts, culture and heritage of the Brazos Valley. Associates are divided into two categories: artists and hospitality.


For-Profit; Artists, Artistic Organizations, Hospitality (hotels, venues, restaurants).

Business Membership

Support The Arts Council with your tax-deductible donation and help ensure that arts, culture and heritage are well sustained. The Arts Council champions the arts, culture, and heritage of our local communities, providing programs and opportunities that forge sustainable partnerships and enhance our quality of life.


For-Profit; Any type.