Location: Utility Customer Service – City of College Station, 310 Krenek Tap Rd, College Station, TX 77840

Description: Pronged flowing abstract sculpture. 

Artist: Jon Krawczyk

Medium: Aluminum 

Dimensions: 12ft (H), 14ft (W), 6ft (D)

Notes: Named after ancient Babylonian mounds. Dedicated Jan 12, 2000. 


Biography: Jon Krawczyk

A graduate of Connecticut College, Krawczyk has studied fine art throughout Europe and apprenticed with various acclaimed sculptors. He realizes his biomorphic sculptures by cutting sheet stainless steel or bronze and welding, pounding, and shaping with focused heat. Each sculpture is, therefore, unique, as the works are never cast from a mold. 

Krawczyk draws inspiration from artists such as Picasso, Henry Moore, and David Smith. He is not only influenced by the obvious masterful techniques of these artists but also by their philosophies of the sculptural process. 

Jon Krawczyk works in stainless steel, either brushed or highly polished, and in bronze, to which he applies intense patinas of earth tones and bright blues and greens. These works appear to have the geological marks of boulders, as sentinels that look comfortable in natural environments can be abstract tendrils or wispy smoke-like forms that defy gravity or long, thin, yet powerful lines that seem to jump into the sky. His most recent highly polished stainless steel sculptures are truly amazing in a natural environment, where they reflect their surroundings in surprising ways. 

Krawczyk is shown in selected galleries throughout the USA. He has created commissioned sculptures for public and corporate clients, such as LinkedIn (his most recent and largest commission at 200 feet long), Apple, Four Seasons Hotels, the Trump Hotel, the SF Giants’ AT&T Park, and the SF 49ers Stadium. Krawczyk also garnered national attention for his 9/11 Memorials at St. Peter’s Cathedral in NYC.