Wilderness Awakened

Location: 1015 Colgate Dr, College Station, TX 77840

Description: Sculpture bronze female wolf with six pups arranged in various positions, mounted on a large rock. It is a cast bronze sculpture, one and one-quarter times life-size. It was placed where legend has it that A&M students antagonized wild wolves in the 1920s and 1930s. 

Artist: Payne Lara 

Installation date: December 17, 2001 


Art is the means by which a civilization records its most noble emotions and truths. Individual freedom and art are America’s greatest legacy to the world. Our freedom permits us to love our God and His creations, and our art gives us the means to express our love and gratitude. 

Wilderness Awakened is the result of the collaborative effort by two outstanding artists who live in the Brazos Valley. Payne Lara’s sensitive representation of noble wolves in bronze upon the massive stonework and waterfalls created by Larry Schueckler is simply stunning in its strength and splendor. The wolves are the embodiment of all that is good in nature: loyalty, love, and luxurious leisure. The majestic limestone represents strength, the water flowing over it symbolizes life, and the foundation’s form creates a sense of safety. Together, the two artists have created a universe of beauty. 

Placing art in public places is a mission of the Arts Council. We believe that art should be enjoyed by all and that its impact should be nothing less than beautiful. Art in a community is like the stars on our American flag. When we look at the fifty stars, we know each of us is represented in our great democracy. When we experience art in our public places, we can relate emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually to something greater than our own ego; indeed, we can share in the genius of artistic expression. 

Enjoy Wilderness Awakened for its beauty and allow it to inspire you with love for God’s infinite universe.