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About Warren Finch, President

Warren Luenberg Finch, Jr. graduated from McGill-Toolen High School, Mobile, Alabama, in 1979. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of South Alabama in June 1983 and an MA in History from Auburn University. Mr. Finch is the Director of the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum in College Station, Texas and oversees a staff of approximately thirty-two archive and museum professionals and various volunteers. The mission at the Bush Library is to make the Bush Presidential Records available for research and teach students and the public about American History and the Presidency; Mr. Finch is an integral part of this mission.

Mr. Finch has been in College Station, Texas since 1993, first with the library project team and then with the Bush Library since it opened in 1997. He has served at the Library and Museum as an Archivist, Supervisory Archivist, and Deputy Director prior to being appointed Director on December 27, 2004.


Before joining the Bush Project staff, Mr. Finch was detailed to the Bush White House as part of the National Archives team that handled the transition of Bush Presidential materials. As a part of this team, he helped ensure that the Bush Presidential Library had a full and complete record of the Bush Administration. He also worked for two years in the Office of Presidential Libraries in Washington where his main responsibility was Nixon contested review. This process consisted of making initial recommendations to the Presidential Materials Review Board on whether documents contested by the former President were personal and returnable to Nixon, or could be retained by the National Archives because they contained information that constituted the constitutional and statutory function of the chief executive or “Watergate.” He also spent a year at the Reagan Project in California, where he received training under the National Archives Career Training Program.


Mr. Finch lives in College Station, Texas with his wife, Mary, (also an archivist) where they are active in support of the arts and community.  They have three children, Anne a copy editor in Georgetown, Kathleen who is pursuing a career in acting in New York and Joseph a student at Texas A&M.