Treasured Moments

Location: Carnegie History Center, 111 South Main Street, Bryan, TX 77803

Description: Boy and girl sitting on a park bench with Andrew Carnegie, who is reading to them from a book. Life-size. 

Artist: Lynn Haste

Medium: Bronze on a concrete bench

Artist Lynn Haste has been critically recognized in the United States and abroad for her skillful reproductions of the natural world in both paintings and sculptures. Her work is characterized by combining energy, elegance, and accuracy; it is a distinct style developed for over 25 years as a professional artist. 

Her background includes animal science, art, and Thoroughbred breeding, giving her a thorough understanding of physiology – animal and human. 

Since 1989, she has lived in Bryan, Texas, with her husband Edward. They have two grown daughters: Antionette and Barbara. 


Script on the pages of the book Carnegie is reading:


Left side: By the time Andrew Carnegie died in 1919, he had given away more than $350 million, and at his death, his last $30 million was distributed to foundations, charities, and to pensioners. 

Right side: “The man who dies thus rich, dies disgraced,” he so wrote and so believed.