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Brazos Valley Theatre Collective

The Brazos Valley Theaters have come together and formed the Brazos Valley Theatre Collective. A group of theatrical organizations in the Brazos Valley created for the purpose of mutual support, cross promotion, and community engagement.

Academy for the Visual & Performing Arts

The Academy for the Visual and Performing Arts (AVPA) at Texas A&M University is an organization primarily purposed with providing educational and cultural awareness to students and other A&M community members through entertainment, as well as providing grant monies to support artist residencies and curriculum development and research as it relates to our mission. or 979-862-5766

Ballet Brazos

The mission of Ballet Brazos is to instruct, educate and enrich young people and their audiences through the art of dance, and provide quality classical ballet performances for the community. These performances provide an opportunity to showcase local talent, cultivate an appreciation for the arts, and inspire the next generation of dancers. Dancers and instructors are recruited from dance studios across the Brazos Valley, and collaborate to create a truly civic ballet company.


Blinn College – Bryan Theatre Department

Blinn College – Bryan Theatre Department


Contact: 979-209-8100

Brazos Valley TROUPE

Brazos Valley TROUPE (Texas Repertory Of Unique Performing Arts & Entertainment) began its journey to entertain 20 years ago. YOUTH productions for the entire family, improv shows, musicals, revues, and concerts involving youth and adults as well, are all under the TROUPE umbrella of entertainment.


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Founded in 1972, OPAS at Texas A&M University – a division of the Memorial Student Center – presents professional productions of theatre, music and dance programs that enlighten, entertain and inspire audiences of the Brazos Valley. OPAS programs are funded entirely by revenue generated from ticket sales and contributions.


Contact: 979-845-1234

Navasota Theatre Alliance

Navasota Theatre Alliance’s mission is to provide live theatre of superior quality, provide a nurturing home to practice our craft, educate and develop new talent, and to make an authentic and lasting connection with our audiences.


Contact: or 936-825-3195

OPAS Encore!

OPAS Encore! is the fundraising arm of OPAS. Formerly known as The OPAS Guild, OPAS Encore! is a separate non-profit organization. We are proud to support OPAS in its 40-year long mission to present world-class entertainment to the Brazos Valley.



StageCenter Community Theatre

StageCenter strives to enrich the cultural base of the Bryan/College Station stage area by providing live theatre of the quality and variety it has offered for over 30 years. They offer opportunities for residents of the Brazos Valley to participate in all aspects of the theatre as well as outreach activities in area schools, city parks, historical events and area business.


Contact: or 979-823-4297

TAMU Dance Program

The mission of the dance program at TAMU is to educate students in the art and science of dance. We offer a personalized approach to dance training through hands on field-based experiences including technical production, dance science research and Pilates. In addition to the students seeking a degree in dance, the program also serves approximately 600 students through physical education and core curriculum classes open to all students at the university.



The Theatre Company of B/CS

The Theatre Company is a non-profit theater offering quality stage experiences for adults and young people. An important element of this mission is to provide community enrichment, both through productions and though related educational components developed to accompany the productions.


Contact: or 979-779-1302

Troupe Over The Hill

Troupe Over The Hill is a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable community theater located in Leon County. We were organized to educate, promote, and develop an appreciation fo theater and drama. We take pride in providing wholesome entertainment to the Brazos Valley community through an atmosphere of fun and fellowship while bringing cheer, joy, and happiness to all we touch.


Contact: or 936-855-2626

Unity Theatre

The mission of Unity Theatre is to nurture the cultural growth of the community by means of theatre presentations and participation and training in the theatre arts. Unity Theatre has developed the reputation of a dependable business and a proud community institution. Firmly established in a dynamic performance facility with growing subscription base and artistic notoriety, the company looks forward to a secure and promising future.

Contact: or 979-830-1460