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Sara Nevius

Sara Nevius is an emerging fine artist from San Antonio, Texas. She recently graduated from Union University with a B.F.A in drawing and
painting. Her work primarily focuses on portraiture and figurative work.

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Sara Nevius stands in front of a gallery wall of her black and white portrait illustrations

Artist Statement:

“In my work, I aim to portray humanity’s flaws, failures, and daily struggles as redeeming features and character qualities that evoke emotions, queries, and introspection. Due to the ever-changing environment of my upbringing, I have developed an interest in observing and investigating people. Fortunately, portrait and figure drawing give me the ability to express this desire to capture, explore and share both the inside and outside of people. The representational style of drawings and paintings I create evokes an authentic and raw representation of our reality. This draws our attention and allows for more intense forms of observation, contemplation, and introspection. Growing up, I was primarily exposed to representational art. This influenced my instinctual technical abilities and allowed me to analyze my environment. Having found an intimacy with the material, I com- pose my drawings in charcoal and paintings in oil paint. The ability to manipulate charcoal with my fingers allows for a personal creative experience and incorporates the physical aspect of the artists’ touch. Charcoal, due to its limited color palette, invites a timeless, almost documentary feel. As a result, the high contrast nature of my style emphasizes features and details found in my subjects. I work with oils when painting as I’m interested in its convention in portraiture and figurative work. I aim to encourage a deeper observational process and open a window into each subject’s journey through context, positioning, and expression.”