About the Artist : Remix Uno

• Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design
• Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana (Mexico


“I like to study each case differently, I take in consideration the area and the inhabitants context so I can create art which is relatable and can help to build stronger communities, after studying deeply each case, I start doing some drafts on pencil and I start looking for some images which might work as metaphors for the mural later on I release all of my creativity and I design the rest of the proposal digitally! An important part of the process is that after the first draft, clients and communities like to provide feedback which I will be open to listen so I can create a suitable everlasting piece!” -Remix Uno

Inspiration for Mural

Remix used a mixture of Photoshop and Procreate and added the crown AI, so no accurate picture was used on the main Reville; however, photos by Benjamin Knox were used as inspiration. David J. Phillip took the running photo. After seeing all the videos he wanted to honor aloof the Reveilles, even the next ones coming up. Remix wanted to make a powerful and loving impact on the community, which is his main goal in life.

“The mural’s design process began with
extensive research and brainstorming sessions to capture the essence of
College Station and after 3 drafts, I came up with the idea of painting
the Reveille, the beloved dog and symbol of hope, pride, and light.
Therefore I envisioned a mural that not only paid homage to Reveille but
also represented the values of College Station.

Symbolism was carefully embedded within the artwork. Reveille, portrayed
with vibrant and glowing colors, symbolizes the unwavering spirit of
hope and the guiding light in times of darkness. Her proud stance
signifies the pride and unity of the College Station community.”
Remix Uno


  • Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design
  • Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana (Mexico


  • Beautifying city project CDMX, Government of
    CDMX, Mexico
  • Marketing campaigns and murals for a wide range


  • Google
  • Nike
  • Airbnb
  • Despegar
  • KFC
  • Pizza Hut
  • Adidas
  • Coca Cola
  • Hallmann’s