Exhibit Details

Date: May 14 – July 12, 2024

Location: The Arts Council Hallway

Description: This exhibit represents the unique beauty found in and around the Brazos Valley.

Richard Bradford

Richard and his family are longtime residents of the Brazos Valley. He has a degree from Brigham Young University in international law and diplomacy and has spent time living over seas. Richard is a professional artist, published author, husband and father of four including a United States Marine. Richard, his wife and four children have been involved in the local arts for more than a decade. He and his family have been seen on stage many times performing in local theatre productions at The Theatre Company, Stage Center Theatre and Unity theatre in Brennan. Richard is currently an art teacher at Arrow Academy in Bryan Texas and loves introducing and teaching art to his students. He specializes in acrylic paints and colored pencil and is best known for his photo realistic colored pencil pet portraits.

Artist Statement

One thing I love about drawing and painting is it allows me to escape into a new world, one that I have created. There are no boundaries, no walls, no one set way to create. It is my world and I can make of it what I want. Even when painting or drawing from a reference photo or image I can still add my unique touch and impression upon my work. I also love taking a blank canvas or blank sheet of paper and turning it into something unique and beautiful. I can always look at the finished work and know that I have left a mark on this world that will last far beyond the beating of my heart. When I create I want my audience to feel something. I want them to feel the emotions that I released into my work. I want my audience to feel a connection to my work, as if they found a part of themself in the brush or pencil strokes.

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