Exhibit Details

Date: May 14 – July 12, 2024

Location: The Arts Council Lobby

Description: Acrylic landscapes and architecture in impressionistic abstraction

Brad Powell

A fine art landscape painter raised in Dallas, Texas, Brad is a colorist combining aspects of impressionism, abstraction, and realism in acrylics. Brad developed an interest in art and painting during high school and after graduation, pursued a painting and drawing course in Paris, France. He fell in love with the ‘City of Light’ and continues to visit and paint it often. Brad’s interest in art never waned, though he stepped away for many years as he finished his education and started a family. Brad has worked as a clinical consulting psychologist in private practice since 2003.

Brad returned to painting in 2014 after enrolling in a painting workshop with Texas landscape artist, Russell Cushman. He has painted almost daily since. He continues his training in landscape painting through study and workshops at the Scottsdale Artists’ School in Arizona, working with noted landscape painter, William C. Hook. Brad’s paintings are noteworthy for their broad, confident brushstrokes, vivid color, high skies, color-tinted clouds, water reflections, aspen trees, and architecture. His painting routine starts early each morning with coffee, music, and time at the easel before heading off to his day job.

Brad and his wife share a love for traveling and as they explore, they take photographs that are ultimately the source material for his in-studio paintings. The primary focus of his paintings are landscapes of France, Wyoming, New Mexico, Arizona, and Montana.

Artist Statement

Painting is a ritual for me now. I start my day early (around 4:45), have my coffee sitting in front of my current project, and assess my previous day’s work, and then paint for about 2 hours. I typically go back in the evening after I have finished my time at my day job, have a quick look, and plan a little for what to address the next morning. I paint landscapes, cityscapes, and even some seascapes. All my paintings are of places I have visited. Each project invokes all the memories and emotions felt from my visit to the location.

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