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Aggieland Rug Artists

Established in the early 1980s by the passionate rug hooking teacher Birdie Ross Edwards, Aggieland Rug Artists has been a cornerstone of the College Station, Texas community for over four decades. Birdie’s dedication to preserving and sharing the art of traditional rug hooking led her to open her home for classes, quickly garnering a devoted following among enthusiasts eager to learn from her expertise. In March 2006, recognizing the group’s growing influence and commitment, Aggieland Rug Artists officially affiliated with the Association of Traditional Hooking Artists (ATHA), further solidifying its mission to uphold the legacy of this timeless craft.


Since its inception, Aggieland Rug Artists has served as a vibrant hub for rug hooking enthusiasts, fostering creativity, camaraderie, and skill development through regular meetings, workshops, and exhibitions. Through its dedication to education and community engagement, the group has played a pivotal role in spreading awareness about traditional rug hooking, both locally and nationally.


Today, Aggieland Rug Artists continues to honor Birdie Ross Edwards’ vision by preserving and promoting the art of rug hooking for future generations. With its rich history, supportive community, and unwavering passion for the craft, Aggieland Rug Artists remains a driving force in the world of traditional rug hooking, enriching the lives of its members and perpetuating a cherished art form that spans generations.


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