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Western Artist Roundup

Location: The Arts Council of Brazos Valley 4180 Gallery
Dates: September 19 – November 18, 2023

The Arts Council welcomes 5 “seasoned” cowboys from the Western Artists Roundup to the 4180 Gallery!


As members of The Western Artists Roundup, we want to preserve the customs of both old and new, yesteryear and today. Depicting those that lived in the dug-out, the tepees, or slept under the stars; fought droughts, heat, flood, or freezing weather and survived in this wonderful place we call the American West. We are here to tell their stories of hard times and good times, staying true to all details that are correct and true to the time of the story being told. We do this through our art: pencil, paint, water-color, ink, pastels and clay/bronze.”


Western Artist Roundup will be displayed in our main gallery beginning September 19, 2023, through  November 18, 2023.