College Station Artist In Residence

Monika Pate

Monika Pate was born and raised in Warsaw, Poland and has a Master's Degree from Warsaw University.  Monika has been working with transparent watercolor since 1994 and is a signature member of the American Watercolor Society, National Watercolor Society, Transparent Watercolor Society of America, Watercolor Art Society - Houston (Elite Member), Texas Watercolor Society (Purple Sage Status), Louisiana Watercolor Society, Missouri Watercolor Society and Iowa Watercolor Society. She is also a juried member of the International Guild of Realism. Her artwork is included in private and corporate collections in the US, Poland, UK and Germany.

Her art was included in several publications, including International Artist Magazine, "Splash 20: Creative Compositions", "Splash 19: Illusion of Light", "Splash 17: Inspirational Subjects", "Splash 16: Exploring Texture", "Splash 6: The Look of Texture", Watercolor Artist Magazine and many others. She also regularly participates in international art competitions.

The common theme in her art is the influence of light on a variety of objects and here is her statement:
“ I have always been fascinated with the visual effects that light creates on various objects. It establishes the mood, enhances forms, textures, colors and creates strong contrast that I'm after. I find inspiration everywhere. Sometimes it will be sunlight coming through the petals of leaves of a plant, sometimes a beautiful crystal vase that came from my native Poland, objects that have a special meaning to me, rusty doorknobs from a flea market or items that I brought from travels. I decided to take the realistic approach in my art, so I can emphasize the fascinating details, forms and textures of my subjects, especially when they are illuminated by a strong light source.”

Monika's technique involves applying multiple layers of paint to gradually develop colors and values.  Sometimes she works from light to dark and in some cases she layers lighter values over dark ones. This process is possible due to the transparent nature of watercolor.

Past College Station Artists in Residence

Trevor Coopersmith

Trevor Coopersmith is the founder of the Urban Art Scholarship Foundation and holds a Bachelors in Art from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Coopersmith was recently accepted to the University of London Goldsmiths MFA program but has withdrawn to pursue his artistic career elsewhere. Trevor has exhibited internationally, online and is a current artist in residence in College Station, Texas.

To learn more about Trevor and his work visit