Texas Tumbler Contest 2020
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The Arts Council Texas Tumbler Contest of 2020

The Arts Council of Brazos Valley is launching a tumbler design competition! You will have a chance to show your love for the great state of Texas by competing to be featured on The Arts Council’s 2020 Limited Edition Boots & BBQ Tumbler. These tumblers will be sold starting Black Friday, and sales will continue until our annual Boots & BBQ fundraiser on March 27, 2021. Alongside displayed art, a prestigious interview, and basically having your name written among the Texas Stars, selected artists will share their work all over the community!

This year’s competition theme is: Texas, the Lonestar State. BE CREATIVE! What evokes the spirit of the South? What draws a mighty YeHaw and a Howdy from your soul? We are not limiting our number of artists for this contest as long as you follow the submission process and can bring your work to the Arts Council to be displayed. This means it must be stable enough to be hung and put on a wall display!

Accepted Media:

Almost anything. We are looking for creative mediums, such as photography, painting, colored pencil, chalk, or more!

Rules & Guidelines:
  1. Texas artists of all ages are eligible to submit artwork! Participation is free
  2. Artists are free to select an already completed artwork or develop a new piece for submission
  3. Material and subject matter included on the tumbler should be original and must not be under the copyright of another artist/entity
  4. We ask that subject matter be kept appropriate for all ages
  5. Due to the nature of this contest and the time-constraints from judging to tumbler creation, we are limiting competitor eligibility to those in the USA
  6. Art may be shipped, but the winning piece MUST be at the Arts Council by November 16th, 2020

Submission Process:

  1. When your design is complete, submit a .jpeg or .heif file to info@acbv.org with this title in the subject line: ACBV Tumbler Competition
  2. We will use these photos to judge your submission, so be sure to use a high-resolution photo to capture your work
    1. You may send up to THREE attachments per each piece
  3. Include the following information with your submission:
    1. Artist’s name
    2. Subject matter
    3. Sizing
    4. Title of work
    5. Inspiration
For more information or submission assistance, please contact us at info@acbv.org


Art will be placed on a collectible tumbler to be sold for the Boots & BBQ 2021 annual fundraiser event and beginning sales on Black Friday. The design will be hung in the gallery and publicized in promotional material for the Boots & BBQ event and future events. The artist will be interviewed by the Executive Director.

Art will be displayed in the gallery and at the Boots & BBQ event alongside the winning piece. It will be publicized in promotional material for future events.

Art will be displayed in the gallery and at the Boots & BBQ event alongside the winning piece. It will be publicized in promotional material for future events.

These will be displayed in the gallery as part of the tumbler competition exhibit.

After Selection

  1. Judging will take place the FIRST week of November
  2. The winners will be contacted by The Arts Council for consultation on sizing the original design on the tumbler
  3. The winners will be given the chance to deliver their piece to the Arts Council in-person or via mail:
    1. The 1st place piece MUST be to the Arts Council by November 16th, 2020 for sales to begin on Black Friday. 2nd and 3rd place pieces and Honorable Mentions MUST be at the Arts Council by February 27th
    2. The pieces must be framed
    3. If art is shipped, the artist is responsible for costs of shipping to and from the Arts Council
    4. The artist will have an opportunity to have the original work returned by March 31st, 2021
      1. This can be an in-person pick up or the artist can pay to have it returned via mail

Contest Timeline

Thursday, October 1: Event open for submission
Saturday, October 31: Submissions close
First week of November: Judging
Monday, November 16: 1st place piece must be at the Arts Council
By Monday, November 21: Interview with Executive Director and Art Consultation
Sunday, November 29: Artists’ Sunday, tumbler sales begin
February 27: 2nd, 3rd, and Honorable Mentions must be at the Arts Council
March 27: Boots & BBQ Annual Fundraising Event
March 31: Art can be picked up or mailed

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