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Let your child explore their creative side and discover new hobbies during The Arts Council’s Art After School program. Held each Fall and Spring, your child will learn new techniques, tricks of the trade, and enjoy creating their own master pieces!

Art After School – Portaits & People

Classes will be held Tuesdays OR Fridays from 4:15PM - 5:45PM at The Arts Council.

The beginners portrait class, for ages 6-11, will be held on Tuesdays beginning September 17th.

The advanced portrait class, for ages 12-18, will be held on Fridays beginning September 20th.

Both courses will follow a similar curriculum, tailored to the age group being taught.

Planned curriculum:
Week 1: Introduction to Proportions - Basics of Composing Portraits
Week 2: Drawing from Life
Week 3: Drawing from Life - Making a Portrait that's really you
Week 4: Drawing from Reference
Week 5: Collage within Drawing
Week 6: Intro to Paint
Week 7: Applying Painting Skills to painted portrait
Week 8: Finished Work
Week 9: Working in Three Dimensions
Week 10: Intro to Cartoons
Week 11: Shading/Drawing from Life refresher
Week 12: Review & Goodbyes


To register your child, please select an age group below:

6-11 12-18

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