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College Station Artist In Residence

The Arts Council hosts an Artist in Residence program in College Station during the summer months. This program allows the artist to spend the summer working on projects, adding to their portfolio, and preparing for a solo exhibit at the Arts & Visitor Center Gallery. This program is open to current students pursuing an arts degree at a 2 or 4 year college (Blinn College included), or to people who have graduated within the last year.

Please email with any questions about the program.
Special thanks to Twin City Properties for sponsoring our 2019 summer Artist in Residence Program.

Please check back next year for our Summer 2020 residency opportunity!

Summer 2018 CSAIR

Noe Barnett - 2018 CSAIR
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The Arts Council welcomed Noe Barnett, from Albuquerque, New Mexico as our 2018 College Station Artist in Residence!

Artist Statement
NoƩ Barnett's work centers around the concepts of perspective and dualism. From an early age, he has existed in limbo socially, which, to this day has informed his work. He has observed the pitfalls of a duality and aims to show that you can exist free from established groups. In addition, to show that those who are diametrically opposed to you often have just as good as intentions as you. His work exists to spark difficult conversations about binary topics to be a catalyst for change. He does this by juxtaposing loaded imagery and symbolism and using an unsaturated black and white palette to emphasize this dualistic point and highlight the gray-area in the middle. They feature symbols such as police vs black lives matter, republicans vs democrats, religious vs secular and more. He aims to act as an impartial third party and a mirror to the world.
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