Picture Perfect Christmas in Brazos Valley
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Why Sign Up?

This year we are putting on a Holiday Extravaganza!

We are setting up a community wide photo station stop at our local Businesses and Affiliates. Currently, we are looking for participating partners to sign up and join in the Christmas Fun!

What are we looking for?
We want to see your unique take on Christmas photo booths! We are looking to create a fun community-wide activity that engages people and businesses alike. Our hope is for the community to travel through Brazos Valley, see new locations, and visit some really fun photo stations!

Ideas can range from simple to extravagant, cutouts to backdrops, props and costumes or come as you are; we want to see it all!

Our Goals:
  • Create a fun & interactive activity for the community
  • Promote & highlight local businesses / organizations
  • Advocate for the Arts in Brazos Valley
Why should you join?
We will be creating a map that includes every participating partner to share with our community!
This map will have every photo station listed, along with a short description of your business. It is a great promotional tool and way to engage the community!

Sign up HERE

ACBV Photo Station Inspiration

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