Pursuit of Light
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Meet Kathyna Hatla

Alongside the physical and financial toll, being a paraplegic is a daily emotional wall that I have to overcome to counteract depression, sorrow, frustration and a multitude of other things. I paint as a challenge to myself and as a creative release; a therapeutic endeavor to stay productive and keep a positive momentum and outlook on life.

All aspects of painting present a problem-solving challenge for me. For instance, the constant pain in my shoulders, back, and neck make it almost excruciating to raise my arm for any length of time to put the brush to the canvas. I also only have the use of a thumb and two fingers on my right hand, resulting in difficulty setting up and prepping my canvas, opening paint tubes and mixing the paint colors.

With my added obstacles, and the fact that I often paint very tiny details, it takes me up to three or four months to complete each painting. I really put my heart and soul into each piece and it is definitely a labor of love. When I am satisfied in my heart that I can classify a painting as complete, it gives me a sense of accomplishment that I have met that challenge and I am happy. It was not until recently that the thought occurred to me...perhaps my paintings could make someone else happy as well.

Meet Stephen O'shea

Stephen is a writer, documentarian, and (sometimes) adventurer who's stories give voice to the under-served. After completing his Creative Writing PhD in Glasgow, Scotland, O'Shea set sail with his long-time friend, navy veteran Taylor Grieger, for Cape Horn - the Mt. Everest of sailing.

Having survived that feat (and documented it on film, to boot), he's now writing and producing stories through a number of mediums, including the documentary film Hell or High Seas. His first literary publication, From the Land of Genesis, will be released in October of 2020 by Unsolicited Press. His short film about Kathyna Hatla, Fire and Light, will be premiering in 2020.

Pursuit of Light Virtual Tour

Virtual Gallery Reception

Pursuit of Light will be on display from November 23rd to February 23rd

Entrance is free, but donations are welcome!
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