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Art Spots 2021

This form is to be used by our affiliate members submitting their organization's Art Spots information. Please check your emails for monthly deadlines. Art Spots are recorded as radio PSAs, distributed to local media and 40+ area hotels, included in the online calendar, and used to create social media posts.

Under the Single-Event Art Spot(s), please submit details for a single event in each box and upload corresponding image.

Under the Repeating Art Spot(s), you may submit one generic spot that can be reused. Please make sure the language of the spot can be reused without alteration (e.g.: "Please join The Arts Council on the first Friday to..." vs "Join The Arts Council Friday, April 7th for First Friday..."). Please also tell us how your event repeats (every week, every month) and when it will stop repeating (through August 22nd, through the end of 2020, every month in 2020 except June and Aug). If you submit a repeating event, you only have to submit it once (not every month). If you have repeating events that change themes or have different information, you'll need to submit those as Single-Event Art Spots each month.

Use the "Event Image" fields to upload a jpeg or png that represents your events (this could include posters, post cards, online ads, etc.). If you don't have an image, you may also upload your organization's logo.

Please make sure you are formatting your spots correctly. All Art Spots must be formatted as a short PSA (20 seconds when spoken) with the name of the event, name of your organization, date, time, location, short description, and where to go for more info (website, social media, phone number). Make sure your Spot contains complete sentences and is written in third person.

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Single-Event Art Spot(s)

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Repeating Art Spot(s)

E.g. every first Fri, monthly except for Aug, etc

Supporting Docs

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