Something Tangible
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Something Tangible

Date: May 03 - May 07, 2021
Wright Gallery - 979-845-1144
The Wright Gallery presents Something Tangible, by artist Bryan Florentin, on display from March 22 through May 20, 2021 (Mon-Fri). Unassuming materials salvaged from demolition sites and commonplace subjects from daily life are reimagined into conceptual photo and sculpture. The artist explores the relationship between object and image through photographs printed at 1:1 scale of depicted subjects. Images of Florentin’s studio installations are reconstructed in site specific installations that bring attention to both the present and past; real and represented.

Visitors in the gallery are limited to 10 people at once; face coverings are required. Wright Gallery, College of Architecture, Texas A&M University. 3137 TAMU, Langford Architecture Building A, College Station, Texas 77843
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Something Tangible
May 03 - May 07, 2021
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