The Second Shepard's Play
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The Second Shepard's Play

Date: Dec 06, 2019
The Blinn College-Bryan Campus Theatre Arts Program is staging a performance of a medieval mystery play in December called The Second Shepherd’s Play. The play will be presented at two free outdoor performances Friday, Dec. 6. on the front steps at Saint Andrew’s, and will begin at 6 and 7 p.m. respectively.

During the play, West 26th Street in front of the church will be closed for the performance. Guests are invited to bring chairs or blankets and watch the action from the street.

The play is under the direction of Blinn veteran theater instructor Greg Wise, now in his tenth year at the Bryan Campus. Wise said that the play features both comic and spiritual themes. Preceding the story of the visitation by the shepherds to the manger to see the newborn Christ, the shepherds must first rescue a lamb snatched by a renowned sheep-stealer. He attempts to throw them off by swaddling the lamb and tucking it into a cradle. As one shepherd remarks to another, “That’s one ugly baby.” Soon after retrieving the stolen lamb and realizing their mistake, the shepherds are off to Bethlehem. Come and see The Second Shepherd's Play on Dec. 6th!
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