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Adult Art Class: Color me a Rainbow; Pastel Portraits with Jami Bevans

Saturday, Oct 16 1-4pm

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This week you can join Jami Bevans who show you how to use all the colors in the rainbow as an underpainting of pastels to create more realistic skin tones. The class is Saturday, Oct. 16th from 1-4 pm. Practice first on gray bogus paper to get the idea, then transfer knowledge to creating your own portrait! You are encouraged to bring a printed photo of yourself, friend or family member. The class is $45 and available to all skill levels! Supplies included.

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Adult Art Class: Modern Calligraphy with Jenny Blaschke

Sat, Oct 9 1-3 PM

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This week join us for an afternoon of learning the basics of modern calligraphy with Jenny Blashcke Saturday, October 9th from 1 to 3 pm! We will learn the art of envelope addressing and you will get to take home your own modern calligraphy workbook and supplies to continue practicing at home. This class is $70 and available to all skill levels- supplies included.

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Adult Art Class: Gouache Painting with Kelsey Boe


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This week you can join local artist Kelsey Boe Saturday, October 2 from 1 to 3:30 pm for Gouache Painting! You can create 4 stunning and aesthetic gouache paintings to display in your own diy gallery wall! This class is $45 dollars and all levels are welcome! Supplies are included.

Auditions: Women in Jeopardy

StageCenter Theatre

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Women in Jeopardy!
Auditions September 20-21 at 7pm
Written by Wendy MacLeod
Directed by John W. Baldwin
Underwritten by Alan Bryant
November 4-20
​Sunday Matinee on November 14 at 2pm

Women in Jeopardy! is a play written in 2106, a "Thelma and Louise" meets "The First Wives Club" in this fun and flirtatious comedy. Divorcées Mary and Jo are suspicious of their friend Liz’s new dentist boyfriend. He’s not just a weirdo; he may be a serial killer! After all, his hygienist just disappeared. Trading their wine glasses for spy glasses, imaginations run wild as the ladies try to discover the truth and save their friend in a hilarious off-road adventure.

Auditions will consist of cold-reading from the script. You are strongly encourage to wear a mask.


Cast is 4 women and 2 men
As with most StageCenter productions, ages are fairly flexible.