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College Station Artist In Residence

The Arts Council hosts an Artist in Residence program in College Station during the summer months. This program allows the artist to spend the summer working on projects, adding to their portfolio, and preparing for a solo exhibit at the Texas Gallery. This program is open to current students pursing an arts degree at a 2 or 4 year college, or to people who have graduated within the last year.

Please email with any questions about the program.
Special thanks to Twin City Properties for sponsoring our 2018 summer Artist in Residence Program

Now accepting applications for the 2018 Summer Residency!


2018 Residency Sponsor

Twin City Properties

Summer 2017 CSAIR

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The Arts Council welcomed Jayde Archbold, from Florida, to College Station as our 2017 College Station Artist In Residence!

In the decision to take one year off before applying to graduate school for her Master of Fine Arts in Studio Art, Jayde looks forward to pursuing opportunities that will advance both her artistic and professional skills. As Jayde said, "This residency will provide a new location to inspire new work. A different space will fuel my artistic practice and allow me to see and think about my work in a new way, inspired by the people, places and things I interact with during my stay." Jayde looks forward to work with new people and artists in a professional setting, expand her professional network, and hosting her first solo show.

Artist Statement

"My paintings are detailed explorations of objects in nature. The patterns, lines, and forms on things like leaves, bark, coral, flowers, fruit, shells, and roots go unnoticed as we walk past them every day, yet when viewed closely, they become the most amazing and bizarre. Looking closely at things in nature and translating them into painting is a method I acquired from studying Georgia O’Keefe. Her close-up paintings of flowers and natural structures allowed me to see objects from a new, more intimate perspective.

I begin with references photos I take, or found objects, and then translate their shapes and patterns into colorful, abstract paintings. I compile, intertwine and overlap different objects into one composition, and use bright, contrasting colors to emphasize their patterns and forms. I become interested in how these objects can be transformed through color and line, and how the medium of painting can be used to investigate the individuality of each object."
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